Personal Responsibility and Social Contribution to Sustainability

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 By Dr. Teresa de Dios Alija, Dr. María del Carmen de la Calle Maldonado and Dr. José Angel Agejas Esteban  

The transformation of society is possible only through raising awareness of people in favor of being responsible within the framework of freedom and justice.

The Anatomy of an Ethical Lifestyle: How to be Fashionable Forever

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  By Sharon March  

Every member of an organization has an obligation towards being ethical and respecting human dignity. An ethical organization will be able to be profitable, and have everyone on board, sharing the same values and compromise.

Some thoughts about the financial crisis and Church’s social doctrine

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 By Gilles Denoyel
  Speech of Mr. Gilles Denoyel, Senior Executive within an International Banking Group, given on October 21, 2011.