José Ángel Agejas

José Ángel Agejas is professor of general and special ethics at the School of Communication of the Francisco de Vitoria University in Madrid.

He is a Ph.D. in philosophy by the University of Barcelona. He has a master degree in Social Doctrine of the Church by the Pontifical University of Salamanca and an Advanced Degree in Information Sciences by the University of San Pablo - CEU. He is professor of the Superior Institute of Religious Sciences "Saint Agustin" and editorial director of the "Misión" magazine. Among his published works we find: "Ética de la información y la comunicación" (Barcelona, 2002), "El arte de aprender la libertad. Curso de ética" (Madrid, 2003), "La tarea de ser mejor. Curso de ética general" (Madrid, 2008) and many other works in philosophy, art, theater and religious sciences.